When getting involved in any sort of business opportunity you should ask yourself three things.

1. Timing? We are in prelaunch, backed by a 33 year old company with a solid track record

2. Product? There are 80 000 new web sites online every day. A guaranteed 24/7 uptime of a web site is a must. Remember the last time you came home to discover that your web site was offline? With Downtimewitness never face that reality again. Know exactly when, your web site is not visible to the world.

3. Price? Through our unique design you can be your own web site monitoring service, or just monitor your own web sites...the choice is yours. However, at $49.95 per year. You cannot lose...similar services sell for $29.95 per month or more!

The best viral marketing subscriber tool on the net!

Become your own free web site monitoring service today and build a huge subscriber list of clients with whom you can stay in touch and sell your products. More than 80 000 new web sites are placed online every day and they all need to know that their web site is always accessible online.

Why do you think microsoft bought Hotmail for more than 4 million dollars? Because it had a legitimate opt in subscriber base of millions. Now you can build your own subscriber base with Downtimewitness.

Extremely easy set up! Click here for the guided tour.

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