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Is your host reliable?

Know your site is down before your customers do! 24/7 web site monitoring software that you control - with no monthly fees! Receive immediate notification through email alerts, on-screen pop-ups, and audible alarms.

Downtimewitness provides web site monitoring software that acts as a watchful eye to make sure your site is up and running. Minimize downtime of your internal/Intranet or external/Extranet web site applications with the most performing and easy to use web site monitoring software available. Click here to learn more

No monthly fees

Downtimetiness is web site monitoring software that you install on your home computer and of which you have complete control. You purchase the software with a yearly fee of $24.95 without monthly recurring or hidden charges.

Software that you control also means that you get more features. Some web based services limit how frequently you can verify a site, for example, every five minutes. With Downtimewitness, you can check your site as often as every second!

You can also check an unlimited amount of web sites, allowing you to become your own web site monitoring service, this is a fantastic and unheard of tool for developing your own client base. Click here to learn more


What? Get paid to Know when your web site is offline? How can that be? We are now in pre-launch.

Yes, that is not a misprint, with our unique 3 by 12 level forced matrix you can generate a long term residual income for life. All for a small yearly investment of $24.95!!

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24/7/365 monitoring of unlimited web pages

Downtimewitness is a Windows 98/ME/2000 or XP desktop application that monitors your web site URL, or any IP address for error conditions (which you define) and downtime.

Monitoring options include both ping verification and page download verification.

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The best viral marketing subscriber tool on the net!

Become your own free web site monitoring service today and build a huge subscriber list of clients with whom you can stay in touch and sell your products. More than 80 000 new web sites are placed online every day and they all need to know that their web site is always accessible online.

Why do you think microsoft bought Hotmail for more than 4 million dollars? Because it had a legitimate opt in subscriber base of millions. Now you can build your own subscriber base with Downtimewitness.

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Main features

General settings

- Pick a name for the item or web page to monitor. (my business, my entertainment, etc...)
- Pick the URL or IP of web page to monitor. (http://mybusiness.xx , 209.135.47.xx , etc...)
- Pick the frequency. Monitor your web page every second, minute, have the choice!
- Activate or suspend a monitored web page at any time.


- By ping. Select your time-out trigger in milliseconds.
- By page download. Select your time-out trigger in milliseconds:
   * Specific text option. Download specific words or phrases to look for.
   * Generate a snap shot of the web page to be monitored option.
   * Case sensitive search option.
- Save failures to log file.

Alarm settings

- Set the number of times an item has to fail before the alarm is triggered.
- Set the number of times an item responds before the alarm is reset. If a site comes back on line, the software can page you to let you know that everything is ok again.
- Connection verification. To make sure that it is the item that fails and not the Internet connection of the monitor, you can enable monitoring of multiple sites from different Networks. That way, the alarm is 100% accurate and only goes off if your site does not respond while other networks do. In case the internet "hickups" and your site is still online. This ensures that every time an alarm goes off the site is really down and not just your Internet connection.

Actions that can be used when a web site goes offline.

- Show pop-up window on your computer when an alarm is triggered.
   * Set any type of custom error message option that you like..
- Send e-mail message when an alarm is triggered.
   * SMS message option. Great for pagers, cell phones or palm pilots
   * Downloaded page option.
   * Detailed HTML report option that you can use to send to your clients who's sites are off line.
- Execute program or load URL when an alarm is triggered.
- Play sound when an alarm is triggered.
   * Browse feature. Select any sound that you want.
   * Play continuously until alarm is reset option. This option is great if you are near your computer. Your computer will send out an alarm until you reset the web page monitored.

Extremely easy set up! Click here for the guided tour.

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