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I have been using Downtime Witness for a few weeks now and I can tell you, this is definitely a software program that any webmaster should own. No longer do I have to depend on outside resources to monitor my domains. Downtime Witness runs from your desktop and can be set to monitor all of your domains for any interruptions in service.

With Downtime Witness you are in total control, you know instantly when you site goes down. Then you can take appropriate actions to get your site back online. And keeping your site visible on the net is the name of the game.

Not to mention that you could start your own monitoring company and create some substantial income with Downtime Witness as well.

Would I recommend Downtime Witness? you bet 100%

Would I do without it? No way

Downtime Witness is part of my webmaster tools forever.

Rick Rainwater



The best viral marketing subscriber tool on the net!

Become your own free web site monitoring service today and build a huge subscriber list of clients with whom you can stay in touch and sell your products. More than 80 000 new web sites are placed online every day and they all need to know that their web site is always accessible online.

Why do you think microsoft bought Hotmail for more than 4 million dollars? Because it had a legitimate opt in subscriber base of millions. Now you can build your own subscriber base with Downtimewitness.

Extremely easy set up! Click here for the guided tour.

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